French LDLC wins final against Danish OpTic

Both the Danish OpTic team and French LDLC managed to quality for the final in the IEM Chicago 2018 Qualifier. The winner of the final gets a ticket for the IEM Chicago 2018 event later this year.

The final was a fight over 3 maps and the two teams selected the maps as followed:
1. LDLC removed Inferno
2. OpTic removed Cache
3. LDLC picked Overpass
4. OpTic picked Mirage
5. LDLC removed Nuke
6. OpTic removed Dust2
7. Train was left over

First map

Overpass was selected as the first map by LDLC and they began on the terrorist side. However, they got the worst possible start to the game by losing the first 10 rounds. After that OpTic could play it safe for a win of 6-15. The result of the first map put pressure on LDLC for the next two ones.

Second map

Mirage was selected at the second map by OpTic. OpTic and been playing well on this map during the tournament. However, they never got their terrorist side and tactics working and was behind by 11-4 after first half. In second half some hope come back to OpTic after winning the first 3 rounds. But LDLC closed the game after that to a 16-7 score. Now it all had to be decided on the third map.

Third map

Train was left as the third map. LDLC got a great start by winning the first 3 rounds. After that OpTic won 5 straight rounds followed by splitting the remaining in maps in first half for the score 6-9 to OpTic. In the beginning of second map OpTic planted the bomb the first 5 rounds, but only managed to win two of them. LDLC managed to build a good economy as CT, which made it possible to put 5 straight rounds together. After splitting a few rounds, they managed to win the map 16-14. Thereby winning the final 2-1.

Expert analysis

LDLC played well as a team on all 3 maps. However, on Overpass they were too easy to read for OpTic. A good example was their two-man lineup in connector that OpTic destroyed by a double grenade in the beginning of a round. Therefore, LDLC lost two guys in a full buy and lost the round as well.

OpTic had won this final if they did the fundamentals better. They did a lot of mistakes we don’t see very often among the best teams. For example, trying to plant the bomb in the open on B site on Train, which basically meant that they lost a guy or two protecting a bomb plant that would be secure behind a train in a 3 vs 5 situation. Also, they did a horrible job protecting the bomb after planting on both Mirage and Train.

Placing their players in situations that makes it possible for the opponent to take 1 vs 1 situations. Meaning that they lost a lot of rounds they should had won. The best teams like Astralis would either place their players in crossfire situations or peak two players at the same time to make their chances better. There’s a OpTic can learn when it comes to that. Same at the end of the game when a CT manages to defuse the bomb right in front of JuGi almost like he didn’t know he was there. Or when snappi ran across A site to push the CT in the back and couldn’t come to the defuse in time.

See the game below:

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