Scandinavian fight between upcomming Danish OpTic and Legendary NiP

The two Scandinavian teams met this evening for a great fight. The young Danish team Optic with dynamic young players against the experienced Swedish team NiP with legends like GeT_Right and f0rest. In this game both teams was fighting for points in the ESL Pro League Europe Division.

First game – Mirage

Mirage was selected as the first map, which both teams have done some great fight on recently. OpTic had the CT site to begin with and they took the advantage of that by winning the first 4 rounds. Recently NiP has had some lost games, but it didn’t kill their confident. They made some great tactical plays and managed to win 3 rounds. OpTic managed to come up with another 3 rounds and the swedes took another 3 rounds as well. The two remaining before the half was won by OpTic for the score 9-6.

On the CT site NiP was stronger, but they didn’t get the start they fished for and was behind 12-7. After that they turned on the turbo and only gave a few rounds to OpTic to the score 14-15. OpTic needed to win the final round to get overtime and they did so. It seemed like NiP continued their momentum for regular time and managed to win the game 16-19.

F0rest and Dennis for NiP was the best players on the server, while Niko didn’t have a good game. F0rest had an impressive 35-20 score with a rating of 1.37.

Second game – Train

This time NiP had the CT in the beginning of the game. Once again, they lost the first pistol rounds and OpTic followed up with a win in second round as well. After that NiP dominated the CT site and got most of the wins in first half. By halftime the score was 11-4.

Second half OpTic took the pistol round again and followed up with 3 other round wins as well for the score 11-8. Now the game was totally open again with Train begin a CT dominated map. However, the two teams splitted some rounds for the score 13-11 to NiP. It never got closer than this with the swedish team winning the remaining rounds. They won the game 16-11.

Best player on Train was Lekr0 with a KD on 21-14 and a rating 1.21. Worst player was Snappi, who was OpTic’s topfragger on Mirage.

This time the Swedish experience won against the Danish youngsters in the Scandinavian fight. Maybe it will be different next time.

See the game below:

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