Topmatch between NaVi and Mousesport in ESL Pro League on Inferno and Dust2

The Russian and Ukraine team, NaVi with superstars like S1mple and Electronic played against mousesport led by ChrisJ and oskar. Two of the highest ranked teams in the world met in two good games in ESL Pro League Europe Division on the maps Inferno and Dust2.

First game – Inferno

On the first game on Inferno Navi had the T side from the beginning, while Mousesport having the CT side. They are known for having a strong CT side and it began perfectly by winning the first round. However, NaVi managed to comeback and win 5 straight rounds for the score 5-1.

Mousesport got adjusted their tactic and manage to win most of the remaining rounds on CT side. Navi got the bomb planted in most of the rounds, but they couldn’t defend it. At half time the score was 6-9. NaVi won the pistol round as CT by defusing the bomb. This time Mousesport followed up by winning 5 straight rounds for the score 7-14. After this NaVi won 4 straight rounds before Mousesport ended the game by the score 11-16.

Best player on the server was Oskar and he was dominating with his AWP. His scoreline was 24-13, 83.6 ADR and rating 1.36. Worst players were flamie and s1mple with a rating of 0.81. Simple only had a ADR of 42.6.

Second game – Dust2

Dust2 was a close game in the beginning with the two teams splitting rounds for a 3-3 score. After that NaVi dominated the map as CT and took 8 of the remaining rounds on CT side. Halftime score was 5-10. As CT Mousesport managed to get put some rounds together after loosing the pistol round for the score 8-12. But it never got close and ended 8-16 to Navi.

Edward was the best player on Dust2 with a rating of 1.61. While, worst player was sunny with a 0.50 rating. S1imple wasn’t as dominating as he used to be, so it seems like he had a bad day today.

After the games both teams can walk away with points and things to work on for the next big tournament.

See highlight for both games here:

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