FaZe and BiG splits in 2 powerful fights

The multinational team Faze played two games against the German BiG team. Each team won a game each and both are still fighting to get qualified for next round in ESL Pro League Europe.

First game on Cache

The first game was on Cache with BiG on the terrorist site and Faze protecting the bombsites as CT.
BiG had the best start with a win the pistol round and the following round. The next rounds the two teams split to the score 3-3. After that BiG gets the economy of Faze cracked and manage to win 3 rounds by planting the bomb. Somehow it seems difficult for Faze but good individual performance helped them to get 3 rounds in a row too for a 6-6 score. By halftime the score was 8-7 to BiG.
Now it was time for Faze to show their terrorist site. Both teams had some close rounds to begin with until the score of 11-9. After this point BiG seemed to have an extra level on Cache and managed to take a 16-9 win.

On Cache, tabseN was on fire with a score 25-16, ADR of 98.5 and a total rating of 1.64. For FaZe it was Olofmeister and Guardian that had the most trouble with scores of 11-21 and 12-16. Niko was the topfragger for the team.

Second game on Overpass

The second game on Overpass was much different. Faze had the terrorist site to begin with. They manage to win the first pistol round and second save round from BiG. After that BiG won 8 rounds in a row. Once again tabseN was dominating again with his AWP. Faze get some rounds at the end as T and loose this site by 5-10.

On the CT site it was a totally different FaZe team. Once again, they win the pistol round and 2nd round as CT. Suddenly the game is much more exciting. BiG wins a round to the score of 7-11, with Faze still behind by 4 rounds. However, they wins the remaining rounds and the game with a 16-11 score.

Rain around the toilets close to bombsite A was on fire on the CT site. Also Niko showed his excellent AIM being 4-0 on first kills as CT. Worst player on the server was british player smooya with a 13-18 KD, 55.3 ADR and rating of 0.77.

Both teams takes 3 important points for the standing in the ESL Pro League Europe division.

See highlights from Overpass


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